We Participated in the Planning of the "Challenge 25 Campaign



We are pleased to announce that ULTIMEDIA Inc. (Representative Director and CEO: Shigemi Sasano) has decided to participate in the "Challenge 25 Campaign," a national movement for the prevention of global warming advocated by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of the Environment.

We are participating in the "Challenge 25 Campaign" advocated by the government to promote global environmental protection initiatives, and as a challenger company, we would like to contribute to the prevention of global warming with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 25%.

Specifically, we declare that we will try our best to prevent global warming throughout the year by implementing the following items as well as Cool Biz and Warm Biz at our offices.

Tangible Changes

・Change to more efficient lighting.

・Change to more efficient air conditioning

・Change to more efficient office equipment

・Installment of energy-saving appliances

Intangible Changes

・Focus on employee development.

・Encourage eco-commuting

・Make efforts to turn off lights frequently and thinning of lights.

・Start switching off PCs, TVs, copiers, etc.

・Implement cool biz & warm biz

・Make efforts to cut down on water usage

・Make efforts to reduce waste through paperless and other initiatives

Other (proprietary equipment, products, initiatives)

We have also engaged in a small greening campaign by placing lots of indoor plants in the company office.