The Social Game "Examurai Sengoku," Based on EXILE, Now on GREE!



Mobile Social Game "Examurai Sengoku" Now Released

The Social Game "Examurai Sengoku" Based on EXILE Is Now on Gree!

The Big Thanks Fight Festival Event!

Aim to become a "true samurai" with the Examurai!

Join forces with Examurai to defeat your nemesis, Kagura!

The mobile social game "Examurai Sengoku" was released on March 25, on GREE!

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In celebration of the launch of the service on GREE, we will be holding the "Examurai Sengoku Big Thanks! Fight Festival Event" campaign!

The Examurai Sengoku Committee, Tasuke (Head Office: Minato, Tokyo; Representative Director: Minako Uehara), and ULTIMEDIA Inc. (Head Office: Hachioji City, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shigemi Sasano) are pleased to announce the launch of the mobile social game "Examurai Sengoku" on GREE, a social networking service (SNS) operated by GREE, Inc. (Head Office: Minato, Tokyo; President: Yoshikazu Tanaka) on March 25, 2011.

In the mobile social game Examurai Sengoku, players join forces with the Examurai and aim to defeat the enemy "Kagura," who is trying to control the city of "Yasaka." To defeat your nemesis "Kagura," you will complete missions from the members of Examurai and hone your skills to become a true samurai as you battle enemies. Battles are based on a card system, which also allows you to collect cards called "Examurai cards" to fight battles.

There's plenty of interaction with other players as well! Through fights, you can become friends, compete for treasures scattered around Yasaka, and even give them away as gifts.

 You can also buy gorgeous Japanese avatars and weapons at Yorozuya, so for the girls out there who want to enjoy making their avatars look good as opposed to battling, you can do that too.

To celebrate the launch of the service on GREE, the "Examurai Sengoku Fight Festival Event" will be held for a limited time from April 1 to April 10. During this event, you'll have a chance to receive a gacha ticket by fighting with other users.

What is Examurai Sengoku?

Examurai Sengoku is an anime and manga work based on the music unit EXILE.

The work is based on the plan and original idea of Hiro, the leader of EXILE, the character design was drawn by popular manga artist Takahashi Hiroshi, and the TV animation was broadcast on Nippon TV’s "EXILE GENERATION" from January 10, 2009.





Examurai Sengoku Service Information

Distribution Date: 3/25/2011

Supported Models: docomo, au, SoftBank ※Flash Lite1.1 compatible devices

※In order to use the service you must register as a member of GREE.

How to Access: ①

       ②GREE Top ( > Games & Entertainment > Games > RPG

※Access the above via your cell phone.


Usage Fee

Free to play/Purchasable Items (※Additional communication fees occur in addition to purchasable items)

Written Representation of Rights

©Takahashi Hiroshi/Examurai Sengoku Production Committee

©Tasuke/ULTIMEDIA Inc.

※All companies and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.