Announcement of Hachioji Free Wi-Fi: Omotenashi Hachioji


「Hachioji Free Wi-Fi おもてなし八王子」リリースのお知らせ

This news is to announce that "Omotenashi Hachioji," the Hachioji Free Wi-Fi service installed in the central Hachioji area on December 1, 2016 will have its own special page on the Hachioji's information portal site "Hachinavi."



What is Hachioji Free Wi-Fi?

With the Hachioji "National Urban Greening Fair" and the "World Cup Bouldering Hachioji 2017" taking place in Hachioji City, the number of visitors is expected to increase further in the central area of Hachioji.

To improve convenience for visitors in the central Hachioji city area, Hachioji Free Wi-Fi, a public wireless LAN service that can be used for free by anyone with a smartphone or other device, was launched on December 1, 2016.

What is "Omotenashi Hachioji"?

In July 2016, Hachioji City commissioned a service for information dissemination in conjunction with the development of a hospitable communication environment. Hachioji City selected Hachinavi through a proposal system, and in cooperation with the Hachioji City Center City Policy Division of the Hachioji City Hall Development Department, we developed "hospitality Hachioji."


After connecting to Hachioji Free Wi-Fi, "Hospitality Hachioji" is a special inbound page on Hachioji's information portal site "Hachinavi," that introduces information on events and stores in the central area of Hachioji.

In addition, in order to share the charms of Hachioji and Japan with foreign travelers, there are a number of content pages, including "Information on Japan," "Information on Hachioji," "Recommended Places in Hachioji," and a "Q & A" to help visitors to Japan find answers to their questions.

For the convenience of foreign visitors, the site is also available in English, Chinese (traditional & simplified), Korean, and Thai.


Location of the "Hachioji Free Wi-Fi" Service

① Nishihoshasen U-Road Yokoyamamachi Park
② Nishihoshasen U-Road Nakamachi Park
③ Nishihoshasen U-Road Misakimachi Park
④ JR Hachioji Station North Exit Hachioji Station North Exit Station Square
⑤ Hachioji Station South Exit Station Square
⑥ Hachioji Station South Exit Tochi no Ki Deck

"Hachioji Free Wi-Fi" Fee
Free (you need to enter your email address or register with a designated SNS account to use it)

How to Use "Hachioji Free Wi-Fi
1. enable Wi-Fi on your device and select SSID "Hachioji_Free_Wi-Fi
2. Open your web browser
3. Tap "Connect to the Internet" (for the first time only, you will need to enter your email address or register with a social networking account)
4. Connected!
5. Automatic access to the "Omotenashi Hachioji" page