【Grand Prize ¥200,000】"COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest" Now Accepting Photos to Be Included in Our Promotional Video That Will Be Distributed Worldwide


【最優秀賞に賞⾦ 20 万円】「COOL JAPAN VIDEOS フォトコンテスト」世界中に配信するプロモーション動画に挿⼊する写真の募集を開始

As the first part of the "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" release campaign, ULTIMEDIA Inc. (Head Office: Hachioji City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shigemi Sasano) will be running a photo contest from September 17 to October 18, 2020 to collect photos that are full of the beauty of Japan for the "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS" promotional video.

Winners will have their photo and account name inserted into the promotional video that will be released in November as a promotional video for the English version of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS and will be distributed worldwide.

In addition, those who are selected for the excellence awards will receive a cash prize.

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest Campaign Site




COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social video curation website that collects videos dedicated to the beauty of Japan and shares them with people around the world who are interested in Japan.

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a tool for Japanese people to rediscover the charms of Japan, and for those who don't know much about Japan, it aims to convey the charms of Japan through videos and the easy-to-understand informational articles that accompany them, to deliver accurate information to users all over the world.



Official Release Date: 9/16/2020

Service URL: https://cooljapan-videos.com

Service Cost: Free

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will be released for English-speaking countries in November and Chinese and Korean versions will be released in 2021, with other languages to be added in the future.

Campaign Description

As the first step of the release campaign, the company has decided to create a promotional video for COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.

This campaign invites users to submit their most attractive photos of Japan. Winners will be judged fairly, and be awarded a cash prize.

Winners will have their photos and account names featured in the promotional video, which will be distributed to English-speaking countries when the English version is released in November. In addition, the video will also be posted on a special page on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.


Campaign Objectives

Japan is full of famous tourist spots that everyone knows, as well as wonderful, lesser-known places that are known only to a handful of people. In addition to the four seasons, Japan also has a unique culture and technology that it is proud of, including "Washoku," recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, traditional culture, such as kabuki and Noh, and traditional crafts made by Japanese craftsmen.

We want to share the hidden charms of Japan with the people of the world through "COOL JAPAN VIDEOS."

We also believe that the tourism industry is struggling to overcome the current corona virus situation.

We believe that by submitting photos of Japan to this campaign, many people will be able to learn about the charms of Japan, and this will help to revitalize the tourism industry in places that are struggling.

There are many cases where a previously minor tourist attraction became famous by going viral on social networking sites.

After one month of receiving submissions, COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will share your photos, packed with the beauty of Japan, with the world!

Your photos could help spark someone's interest in visiting Japan after we've overcome the novel corona virus.

Please join us in supporting Japan in its struggle against corona!

Past photos are also welcome.

We look forward to receiving your photos packed with the beauty of Japan!

Campaign Overview

Contents: Seeking photos packed with the charms of Japan!

    Winners will have their photo and account name featured in a promotional video that will be distributed worldwide. In addition, cash prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Period: 9/17/2020 – 10/18/2020

Eligible Participants: All ages, genders, and nationalities welcome

How to apply: Register for a free account on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, go to Mypage, use the "#OnlineGoToTravel" tag and submit your photos showcasing the beauty of Japan.

    ※Please refer to the campaign site for more information on how to participate

Company Profile

Company Name: ULTIMEDIA Inc.

Representative: Representative Director, Shigemi Sasano

Address: 193-0832 Tokyo, Hachioji, Sandamachi, 3 Chome-18-17 West Eight Building 7F

Established: March, 2010

Business Description: Information and Communication Industry

Capital: ¥10,000,000

URL: https://www.ultimedia.co.jp/

<Contact Information>ULTIMEDIA Inc. Contact: Maeda

Email: press@ultimedia.co.jp

TEL: +81 042-673-6741 FAX: 042-674-6742

Phone Reception Hours: 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM (Also in office from 9/19 - 9/22)