【Hiring】Graphic Designer

We are looking for a designer to create avatar images and graphic designs for in-game items for our iOS/Android app game.
We are looking forward to working with you to come up with different ideas and create new things together.

【Work Environment & Company Culture】
We are a venture company that is growing every quarter and we are looking for someone to work with us on various projects into the future.
We aim to develop our business at a fast pace, and our goal is to grow the company as we grow as individuals.
At ULTIMEDIA we value merit, meaning that we give higher and higher salaries to those who make positive contributions to the company. Why not bring your strong work ethic to our company?

【What You Will Learn Through This Job】
You will have the opportunity to expand your fields of expertise!
We aim to be a small, fast-paced company, so you can grow your skills as a designer significantly in a short period of time!

We provide you with an environment where you can concentrate on design.
Recruitment Closed
Job Title

Graphic Designer

Job Contents

Creation of new cards, UI, and other images in the events of our current social game.
You will also create various new in-game graphics for original content.
These will be anything from logo, weapon and item images to character artwork.
You will also create various images to be used in the UI of an upcoming PC portal site release.

Ideal Hire

・Someone with the ability to work cooperatively and have fun while working
・Someone who is always interested in new mobile and Internet services
・Someone with the ability to create from the point of view of the user
・Someone who can produce quickly
・Someone who can actively express his or her own images and ideas, and who has the ability to carry them out
・Someone with a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to work in a professional manner
・Someone who wants to demonstrate and expand their skillset
・Someone who is motivated to make the business a huge success

Required Skills

・Ability to create images in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Welcomed Skills

・Work experience
・Experience creating cards for social games ・Experience with social game UI design ・Experience designing for other games ・Experience with mobile site design ・Experience designing and producing native apps for iOS/Android and other smartphones ・Ability to code with HTML/CSS ・Must be able to create animations using Flash ・Someone who can use ActionScript ・Someone who can use JavaScript ・Someone who can use other programming languages


18 – 40~

Work Location

Hachioji, Tokyo
Along the JR Chuo Line and Keio Line

【Nearest Station】
A 2-minute walk from Nishi-Hachioji Station off the JR Chuo Line
10 minutes by bus from Mejirodai Station off the Keio Line

Work Hours

10-30 AM - 7:30 PM


Monthly salary (Pay is dependent on experience and ability, according to the company's judgement)
The evaluation period will depend on experience and performance on the job (1 month to 3 months)


Company insurance
Worker’s accident insurance
Unemployment insurance


Pay raise assessment / 12 times a year (Pay raises will be assessed during monthly interviews)
Bonus / 2 times a year (Multiple times depending on company performance)

【Other Benefits】
Commuting allowance: Transportation costs provided
Executive allowance: Paid in accordance with company policies.
Family Allowance: A monthly allowance of 10,000 yen for a spouse and 5,000 yen for each child.
Housing Allowance: A monthly rent subsidy of 20,000 yen will be provided to those living within 1.5 km of the company (other conditions may apply). Details provided at the time of the interview.

About benefits


2 days off/week (Sat/Sun)
National holidays
Golden Week holiday
Summer holidays
Year-end holidays
Congratulation and condolence leave
Annual Paid Vacation

Recruitment Closed