Work Environment and Benefits

Lunch support system

The program was started because two of our board members said one of the best things about their their previous job was having lunch payed for.
We chose a bento shop with many different items and considered nutrition. Of course taste was also a deciding factor.
The menu is freshly prepared, warm, and has many different items so you'll never get tired of eating it.

Vegetable Support System

This system was started for members who weren't getting enough vegetables.
Even members who don't like veggies can enjoy getting their daily intake. One a day will keep you healthy! Or should at least...
Mineral water and coffee are unlimited as well.

Snack Support System

Cups noodles and snacks in the snack box are free to eat.
It's a great system for if you're a little late getting home. Don't overeat though!

A workspace that is easy to work in

Desks with room to spare even with dual monitors.
Spacious individual work spaces are provided for a stress-free work environment.

Work Environment

A PC environment for all members that increases work efficiency.
You can also choose the peripherals you like, such as your mouse, etc.

Work chairs that make work feel good

The ErgoHuman Pro was chosen with great care with the consideration that you'll be sitting in it for a long time every day.
Ergonomically designed chairs to reduce fatigue.
They can be set up in a position that suits each individual, which reduces fatigue and allows us to work more efficiently.

Company BGM

If the work environment is too quiet, the noise around you can be distracting.
At ULTIMEDIA there's always music playing so that you can concentrate on your work.
The music is not too quiet or too loud, so you can relax and concentrate on your work.

Book Purchasing System

The company pays for all technical books and reference materials. We're always up to date with new technology and information.
Buy more and more books and acquire new knowledge!

Equipped with Massage Chairs

Our office is equipped with the latest massage chairs to help you relax your tired body. Use them to take a breather or for a change of pace.

Equipped with a Training Space

Because this industry often tends to neglect the body, we've installed several types of machines at the office for working out.
You can use them not just for fitness purposes, but all to clear your mind or take a break.
By moving your body and getting those gears turning, you may just come up with some good ideas.

Daily Health Management

In order to work happily, it's important to take care of your health as well.
We also have blood pressure monitors and scales available at the office, which each member regularly uses to manage their health.

Equipped with an AED

In the worst-case scenario that something happens to an employee, there’s always an AED ready to be used.
Of course, we do workshops and learn how to use it properly.

No Dirty Shoes in the Office

The floors are always clean, as no shoes are allowed in the office.
You can also go about your business while relaxed.

No Overtime Day System

We tend to work overtime on a regular basis, but every Wednesday employees are forced to go home on time.
This allows you to rest, study, or grab a pint with a friend or coworker.
Everyone has their own way of enjoying their time.

Project Proposal System

If you come up with a new project or a new event, don't be shy, feel free to present it to the team.
If the plan gets approved, anyone can become a project manager.
This is an environment where anyone can start up a new project.

Rent Support System

Monthly rent subsidies are provided to those who live in rental housing within 1.5 km from the company.

Family Allowances

A monthly allowance of 10,000 yen for a spouse and 5,000 yen for each child.

Nap Endorsement

Taking a 15-30 minute nap in the afternoon after lunch is said to reduce stress and improve concentration.
Take a break in the company beds to increase work efficiency.

Hosting Study Sessions

Periodic study sessions.
Sometimes cross-departmental and project-based information exchanges also take place.
The goal is to improve the skills of all members.

Study Sessions With Guest Speakers From Outside the Company

Sometimes we invite speakers from outside of the company and hold study sessions.
In this example we invited a photographer to learn about photography.

Monthly Get Togethers

Monthly get togethers where you can communicate with everyone outside of work.
Every month we have heated discussion about where to go to eat next.

Health Support

Annual physical examinations and flu shots are available and paid for by the company.
Live a healthy and fulfilling life inside and outside of work.