To Those Seeking Employment

Director and Head of the Game Division
Fuminori Sato

The Trajectory of ULTIMEDIA

The Trajectory of ULTIMEDIA
ULTIMEDIA, Inc. was founded in March 2010 with the goal of providing unprecedented services.

The name “ULTIMEDIA” is a combination of the words “Ultimate” + “Media,” after our desire to provide the ultimate in internet media.

Since the establishment of the company, we have continued to provide the ultimate service through providing 1. Unprecedented services, 2. New and valuable services, and 3. Services aiming for perfection. Through providing these services, our company is now in its fifth year of operation.

At the company's inception, we were conducting advertising and entrusted development business in conjunction with social game development periods. However, in our second year, with the release of the social game based on the highly popular manga "Examurai Sengoku" modeled after EXILE , we shifted the majority of our internal resources to the game industry.

Later, we expanded "Examurai Sengoku" to multiple platforms and at the same time, we operated and developed several other social games, including "Tsumibatsu Seisenki."

At the end of the fourth fiscal year, 2013, we released a popular game title as a social game in collaboration with another company, and it has become the biggest hit since our company was founded.

At present, ULTIMEDA is developing social games with the motto of "User First" in all our work, always looking at things from the user's point of view and understanding and sympathizing with them.

ULTIMEDIA'S Company Culture

ULTIMEDIA'S Company Culture
Our motto is "to enjoy work," and that's what we do every day.
Work will take up the majority of your time in life, so we think it's important that you enjoy it.
We don't just do the work that we are instructed or told to do, each of us thinks for ourselves and works hard every day.

In addition, since we do all the planning, design, development, and management work in-house, all employees enjoy the fun and challenging process of creating a service from scratch.
If a new project is approved, a new project team will be formed and you can even work as a project manager.
Because of this, it’s possible to expand your abilities and grow.
Everyone at ULTIMEDIA takes pride in their work, and as the company grows on a daily basis, so too do our employees.

We also hold regular workshops to share knowledge, techniques, and information in each field, and sometimes information is exchanged across departments to improve the skills of all members.

We offer a variety of benefits and interesting initiatives to create an environment where you can enjoy working while at the same time being able to focus on your work.

We also offer a
・Lunch provision system
・Nap endorsement system
・Book purchasing system
As part of our benefits package.

We will continue to introduce benefits that will keep our employees happy.
Click here to learn more about our full benefits package.

Our Vision for the Future

Our Vision for the Future
Currently, ULTIMEDIA is operating several social games, including "Examurai Sengoku," and sales have steadily increased by more than 1.5 to 2 times each fiscal year since the company was founded.
As our business expands, we will continue to focus on hiring and training the most talented individuals.

In addition, by using the game department, which accounts for the majority of sales, as a pillar, we will strengthen multiple departments with business diversification as a growth strategy while considering the decentralization of business risks.

Future Business Development Plans Include

1. Game Department
・Vigorously releasing multiple titles
・Operating with long-term user enjoyment in mind
・Development and operation of native apps besides social games

2. Media Department
・Management of a local, community-based information portal site
・Strengthening the B2B business model, including client website development and management
・Operation of the "FREE wi-fi Omotenashi Hachioji" website in cooperation with Hachioji City Hall

3. E-Commerce Department
・Aim to acquire blue-chip clients in the steadily growing e-commerce market and ensure stable revenue
・Establish original products and sales schemes that other companies cannot imitate

These 3 pillars will become the backbone to support ULTIMEDIA.

From ULTIMEDIA to All Those Seeking Employment

From ULTIMEDIA to All Those Seeking Employment
At ULTIMEDIA, we always put our employees first and strive to provide them with a great work environment, a place where they can improve their skills, and a challenging job.
To this end, we are always ready to learn how we can improve and address problems within the company.
That being said ULTIMEDIA is currently looking for motivated employees.

Employees of ULTIMEDIA all believe in the company motto of "working hard and studying hard every day to refine our skills to provide the ultimate in service."

If you're looking for a company that provides a fun work environment, then you came to the right place!
Come, Let’s grow together!