【Recruiting】Internet Media Operations Management Staff

Now recruiting students interested in the internet media industry! Would you like to apply the knowledge and skills you learned at school and put them to practical use?
You will work as a media operations management staff member in the fast-moving internet media industry.
We will provide you with a training and education period appropriate to your skill level, so you can work and grow with confidence.
After the internship, there is also a promotion system to a full-time employee. Working days and hours are negotiable. Days and hours of work are negotiable, starting from two days a week.
Throw your ideas at us with your youthful creativity and sensibility!
Recruitment Closed
Job Title

Internet Media Operations Management Staff

Job Contents

After a period of sufficient training and education to match your individual skill level, you will begin earning practical experience through the management of our current internet media operations.
You will perform writing tasks, KPI management, data collection, data editing, coding and web design work, sales support, and other duties we believe are appropriate for you.

Welcomed Skills

Experience in data management and web design using Excel

Skills to be Cultivated

Acquisition of media operation know-how, web design skills, data management, business organization, business etiquette, etc.

Ideal Intern

・Someone with the ability to work cooperatively and have fun while working ・Someone who is always interested in new mobile and Internet services ・Someone who is willing to learn ・Ambitious individuals ・Those who want to learn the skills and manners of the workforce ・Someone who can actively express his or her own ideas and has the ability to do what's necessary to make them a reality. ・Someone who wants to demonstrate and expand their skillset

Employment Type




Work Location

Hachioji, Tokyo
Along the JR Chuo Line and Keio Line

【Nearest Station】
A 2-minute walk from Nishi-Hachioji Station off the JR Chuo Line
10 minutes by bus from Mejirodai Station off the Keio Line

Work Hours






Recruitment Closed